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Sneals ‘s post sounded like it could be done, but I’m gonna guess that a person would have to make such a device, and it would not be readily available to purchase at least at a price I would be interested in paying. The problem is, there’s no market for it. Most current devices that input or output HD video have the appropriate connections for it. Modern HD boxes also have no trouble outputting to SD connections and devices. The OP would be better off springing for an HD DVR from his provider, then dubbing down anything he wants to archive later via firewire. He’s just have to be sure the box he gets supports it. The other option would be a new component input card for computers that was just shown at CES. With that setup, you could edit out commericials and excess video on each end of a program, then output to the deck via firewire.

RF Signal Modulator

The RCA connection is inserted at the back and coaxials in the front. I have a couple of these placed on older sets which are not used often and they work extremely well, with a bonus of being very small and unobtrusive. Other modulators are large and bulky requiring cabinet space on which to sit while this one can simply hang in-line with the cables. I wouldn’t own any other type

HDMI Digital Modulator with a network interface for setup and control. Supports closed captioning, encoder that allows HD Video-Audio up to p/60 from any HDMI video source with CC for easy distribution over RF CATV or ATSC network.

Reply Thu 27 Dec, The modulator goes together pretty quickly the benefit of no moving parts , and after running the 75 ohm connection from the converter box to the TV In connection and the 75 ohm connection from the TV Out to the TV , along with the RCA cable connections from the DVD player to the modulator and plugging in the power adapter , a test of the installation initially suggested we were still not quite there – since the DVD was successfully transmitting audio, but not video.

A quick re-review combined with a little intuitive deduction, based on the fact that audio only was now working , revealed that although the rear connectors of the DVD player were “color-coded” for standard RCA-type connectors white, red, orange , as was the modulator unit, it was necessary to plug the orange cable on the DVD into the Video Out plug, which was grouped with the Component Video connectors Who knew? Hopefully, now my wife will stop calling me colorful names for having invested in such a low-end Sony DVD player.

Thanks for everyone’s help on this!

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Or, are the problems usually encountered with the BC avoidable by careful set-up and conservative operation? Today, with the ever-increasing interest in WWII military radio equipment, the BC and BC are experiencing a “re-evaluation” and an increased interest in the possibility that these seemingly archaic transmitters can be operated “on the air” without enduring endless criticism of the signal quality – or lack of it.

The following web-article tells how to get a BC or BC operational and capable of producing a good sounding signal at an output level that is respectable. Brief History of the BC and BC Transmitters The BC was designed as a easy-to-operate, reliable transmitter that could be used either in vehicles or in fixed locations. The first AA transmitters were built in the early thirties and used parts and technology from a decade earlier. The BC came about in the late thirties and was an upgraded version that had a better antenna tuner section which added to the versatility of the transmitter.

This compact RF modulator allows you to connect an audio video component to a TV not equipped with an audio video jack. Its low loss, high performance circuit design provides accurate picture reproduction as it easily converts audio video to RF channel 3 or /5(5).

Take a deeeeeeeeep breath. First off, turn off all power to all device involved here. Never kerfutz around with this stuff while it’s powered up. It might stop working. Then, forget what you have going now. We’re goin’ back to page one. If you have any questions on how to do what I’m suggesting, refer to your owner’s manual. Unhook the RF mod from everything except for the 75 onhm cable going to the TV. Now, we’ll hook up your X box and DVD. Run a digital audio connection coax or toslink, it doesn’t matter from your X box to one of the available inputs on your receiver.

Now run a video connection from the X box to the corrosponding input on your receiver. Now, do exacty the same thing for the DVD that you did for the X box, but going to a different input on the receiver. Now for that RF mod


Permission is granted for personal use of this document only. This document may not be copied, mirrored or otherwise used without express written authorization from the author. Why is this here? I made this information available as I see a large number of questions posted to the rec. Although MPEG-2 is a very wide ranging standard that covers more than satellite distribution, this article concentrates on just satellite distribution.

RF Switch and RF Modulator (NUS and NUS) The RF adapter for the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube. These accessories allow the Nintendo 64 and model 2 SNES (redesigned after the launch of the Nintendo 64) to hook up to the television through RF.

I am not a techie as far as TV’s are concerned and found the instructions less than helpful. A lot was assumed, the supplier has taken it for granted that the purchaser has technical knowledge as far as the set up is concerned. This is not just a ‘plug and play’ piece of equipment. I installed the modulator as far as logic was concerned, but without Rob’s guidance I would not have realised that the modulator does not talk to the extra TV, one has to re-setup the extra TV to talk to the modulator.

Obvious to the electronic savvy I’m sure, but not to us mere mortals. Once the extra TV was working there was a background hiss.

Convert HDMI to RF Coaxial. ( I want analogue!)

Works great, and there is a zero budget so I’m mostly using things I have “lying around. But now a few weeks into the venture I’m getting around to exploring the different ways I might get better sound. As soon as I plug a cable into the stereo mic-in jack I get multiple AM station broadcasts into the headphones on the camera.

RCA Rf Modulating Audio/video Hook-up Kit This item has been discontinued. For possible replacements or substitutions, please check the drop-down box below for a .

History[ edit ] Prior to the introduction of specialised video connector standards such as SCART , TVs were designed to only accept signals through the aerial connector: When equipment was developed which could use a television receiver as its display device, such as VCRs , DVD players , early home computers , and video game consoles , the signal was modulated and sent to the RF input connector. The aerial connector is standard on all TV sets, even very old ones.

Since later television designs include composite , S-Video , and component video jacks, which skip the modulation and demodulation steps, modulators are no longer included as standard equipment, and RF modulators are now largely a third-party product, purchased primarily to run newer equipment such as DVD players with an old television set. Design[ edit ] Technically, RF modulation usually means combining the data with a carrier signal at a standardized frequency.

Either amplitude or frequency modulation may be used, as required by the receiving equipment. Modulating a TV signal with stereo sound is relatively complex; most low-cost home TV modulators produce a signal with monaural audio.

Plug multiple consoles into one RF Modulator

Ask Question Step 1: Find a Free Channel. The first step is to find a TV channel that isn’t being used in your general vicinity.

The RF modulator with IR return can control the AV source device without having to be in the same room or leaving cabinet doors open. The IR signal from your existing remote is modulated through the RF distribution network back to modulator where it is re-transmitted via the adjustable IR emitter.

Also for your information Atari also made the Atari Model for Sears under the brand name of Video Arcade, model But if you still have problems, please Call us or E-Mail us at bestelec concentric. What is required to do this? Here is a quick check list of items required: You can also use some of the universal power adapters with multiple voltages and universal adapters ends, but it is very easy for a child to change the voltage setting on the Power adapter and blow up your Classic Atari System.

We have tried to repair many many Atari Consoles over the years that have been completely burned out every electronic component on the motherboard was damaged because somebody used the wrong voltage power supply. If you use only a newer auto switching TV switch box with your older Atari console, in most cases you will get a fuzzy or no TV display which can not be corrected. A lot of these well used TV switch boxes have broken contacts within the TV switch box or wires breaks within or inside of the outer black cable plastic housing which you can not see inside and outside of TV very old switch boxes Q.

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