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Bark stripped cedar, Cathedral Grove, Richard Boyce The ancient red cedar Thuja plicata specimen that survives in Cathedral Grove right represents a critical species to First Nations. In her book “Cedar, Tree of Life to the Northwest Coast Indians,” Hilary Stewart describes how the indigenous way of life is dependent on big cedar trees: They used the rot resistant wood for graceful dugout canoes to travel the coastal waters, massive post and beam houses in which to live, steambent boxes for storage, monumental carved poles to declare their lineage and dramatic dance masks to evoke the spirit world. Every part of the cedar had a use. The versatile inner bark they wove into intricately patterned mats and baskets, plied into rope and processed to make the soft, warm, yet water repellent clothing so well suited to the raincoast. Tough but flexible withes made lashing and heavy duty rope. The roots they wove into watertight baskets embellished with strong designs. For all these gifts, the Northwest Coast peoples held the cedar and its spirit in high regard, believing deeply in its healing and spiritual powers.

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August 23, In fact, they began to populate Earth million years ago, toward the end of the Devonian period. Considered living historical records, the organisms can withstand generations of development and change. But which tree has been around the longest? Until , the oldest individual tree in the world was Methuselah, a 4, year-old Great Basin bristlecone pine Pinus longaeva in the White Mountains of California.

The tree — named Adonis after the Greek god of beauty, youth and desire — took root in A.

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The exceptions to this rule are those pages created as labors of love such as this and my other page for another little known place – Jackson Falls. It was here that I began my church camping experience in and attended every year till when I was a counselor. I was surprised to find pictures of both my father and myself on their Memory Lane page!

I’m the dorky kid with glasses on the right edge of this picture and my father is third from the right in the back row. I then began a fruitless Web search for information about another special place of my youth – Camp Michaux. Finding nothing online in was the inspiration for creating this page. I first saw this region of Pennsylvania in the s as a grade schooler attending Wilson College for women in Chambersburg.

Not as their first male student but as a preacher’s kid at a summer church conferences with my parents.

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Commissioner Steve reports that “this year’s curl was great as usual” and Gold Medal Winner Steve Paisley will surely be a great ambassador for our sport. Paisley’s enthralling account, “The Man with the Huge Oblong Rutabaga” , was “done so well that it really gives the flavor of our event from the eyes and mind of a contestant! It is with some sadness, but also with profound gratitude and congratulations, that we note the following from Commissioner Steve: Visit our blog for the latest news on an exciting scientific breakthrough that could fundamentally alter the human organism and expand global rutabaga markets!

Our guest blogger of the month at The Rutabagan offers an eloquent summary of the rutabaga’s many virtues.

Left and right: Archival photos show the old wagon road through Cathedral Grove c. , at about the same time that it was described: “The road for about seventy miles is almost straight and through a virgin forest of Douglas fir.

The White Lady is seen along the trails usually in broad daylight. Hikers report being touched on their shoulders and watch as she floats above the ground and passes through objects. Most see a smiling woman from a distance only to realize its a ghostly apparition. People driving along the dark, wooded road at night have reported seeing her floating in the woods as well.

Some people have reported seeing apparitions of Native Americans bodies hanging from trees. The native Northern Diegueno Indians once inhabited this land, dating back thousands of years. One theory is that this area could also be a Native American burial ground. Locals say there are stone circles in the forest and that if you pass through them you will experience time lapses.

There was a sanitarium in this area that burnt down years ago. When the place caught on fire many of the patients were trapped and burned to death.

Bristlecone Pines

Unless destroyed by man, they live on indefinitely until burned, smashed by lightning, or cast down by storms, or by the giving way of the ground on which they stand. Giant sequoias can live for over 3, years, outlasting all of their mixed conifer forest neighbors. What is it about giant sequoias that allows them to persist through millennia? Surprisingly, a major factor in in the longevity of giant sequoias is a chemical called tannin.

The tannin, present in high concentrations in sequoia bark, gives the sequoia resistance to rot, boring insects, and fire. Sequoias and Fire Fire plays a crucial role in the giant sequoia ecosystem.

Stimson Lumber Company, with roots dating back to the ’s, is one of the oldest continuously operating integrated wood products companies in the United States.

What’s to blame for the candidacy of a Neo-Nazi? Start with the maps A lot of folks might be scratching their heads wondering: Jones, a longtime Chicago-area Holocaust denier running in the Republican primary for Disney characters brighten spirits of children at Northwest Community Hospital A recent surprise visit from cast members with “Disney on Ice” injected a bit of magic into month-old Amaya’s ongoing recovery from a respiratory virus at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights.

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Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, Donald L. Porter Richard Neitzel Holzapfel holzapfel byu. Parrot was Sacred Grove manager when this was written.

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Historically, it has been the most commercialized tree species in the province, being prized for its strong and beautiful wood as well as for its size. The beauty of this tree has captured the attention of more than just loggers, ship builders, fine furniture makers, and artists alike. White pine is the largest tree species growing in Eastern North America.

It can attain heights of over 40 in with some nearly 1. Although most white pines of this size are now only legend, the White Bear Forest is home to some very large individuals, some of which are over one meter in diameter. Old white pines are usually easy to. Close up, white pine can be identified by its 5 cm — 7 cm inch long needles which grow in bundles of 5.

The bark of old trees is dark brown-gray and deeply furrowed. The bark of young trees is markedly different from the old trees, being very smooth, without furrows or ridges, and lighter gray in colour.

Stimson Lumber Company

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In , An Account of Several Workhouses A Workhouse was set up in Ayliffe Street near Goodman’s Fields in the Year , which for some time promised to answer the Expectation of the Projectors of it, but since then the Officers of the Parish have thought fit to turn it into a House for Lodging only such Poor as are not otherwise provided, who go out daily for Work where they can get it, and return in the Evening.

There are now about 60 men, Women and Children, so lodged under the Care of a Mistress, who takes Care to keep the House clean, and have the Beds made ready for those that lodge there. The nearby parish of Christchurch in Spital-Fields was also operating a workhouse as described by an entry dated September A Large House, formerly belonging to a Throwster in Bell-Lane, was hired and fitted up Midsummer , where there are now 84 poor People, of which about 30 are Children, employed in winding Bengal Raw Silk for several Throwsters, who send in the silk, and allow for winding it on Bobbins 3d.

The Children are taught to read and say their Catechism, and the old Women knit Stockings for the House. The parish of St. Katherine near the Tower’s workhouse was described as follows: A House was opened here , for receiving and Employing the Poor of the Parish, there are now in it about 30 men, Women and Children; the Church-wardens are at present the sole Managers of it, and it is hoped their own Experience, with the Success of their Neighbours, will soon put them in a way of making this House a comfort to the Poor, and a saving to the Parish.

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Groves in Great Basin National Park. Wheeler Peak Grove The Wheeler Peak bristlecone pine grove, the most accessible grove in the park, is located on the northeast side of Wheeler Peak.

In fact, it seems one secret to their longevity is the harsh environment in which most bristlecone pines grow. Bristlecone pines in Great Basin National Park grow in isolated groves just below treeline. Conditions are harsh, with cold temperatures, a short growing season, and high winds. Bristlecone pines in these high-elevation environments grow very slowly, and in some years don’t even add a ring of growth. This slow growth makes their wood very dense and resistant to insects, fungi, rot, and erosion.

Vegetation is very sparse, limiting the role of fire.

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She became one of the famous Page 3 Girls after being discovered by The Sun newspaper. Along with her modeling career, she has done well on both big and small screen. She was one of the many topless forest women in the James Franco’s comedy, Your Highness. She has played roles in films such as “Just for the Record” and “Dead Cert,” both of which came out in She is single after her longtime relationship in the past.

PIEDMONT AND WESTERN RAILROAD CLUB PRESENTS The North Carolina Railroad Station Photo Page This section of the P&WRR webpage began using the photos of one of our club members, Gene Austin, who had been taking photographs of various railroad stations here in North Carolina.

Hillside Idlewild Each camp has a “captain”, and one of his many jobs is the up-keep of the area. Many local Sonoma County contractors have performed a variety of tasks among these camps throughout the years. Many contractors have stated the requested work to be simple and eco-friendly. The stage extends up the hillside, and is also home to the second largest outdoor pipe organ in the world. Used for smaller performances in a more intimate setting. Lectures and small ensemble performances.

It is also the location of the The Club’s patron saint is John of Nepomuk , who legend says suffered death at the hands of a Bohemian monarch rather than disclose the confessional secrets of the queen. A large wood carving of St. John in cleric robes with his index finger over his lips stands at the shore of the lake in the Grove, symbolizing the secrecy kept by the Grove’s attendees throughout its long history.

Bowman with George T.

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History[ edit ] Pando is thought to have grown for much of its lifetime under ideal circumstances: If its postulated age is correct, the climate into which Pando was born was markedly different from that of today, and it may have been as many as 10, years since Pando’s last successful flowering. Clonal groups of P. In the semi-arid western United States , some argue that widespread seedling establishment has not occurred since the last glaciation, some 10, years ago Einspahr and Winton , McDonough Indeed, some biologists feel that western clones could be as old as 1 million years Barnes ,

Congratulations to everyone! Theatre in the Grove is excited to announce the cast for Steel or, Jason Weed, said: “that the decision was a tough one.

Your browser does not support the video tag. Others were planted with his own rough hands. A memory seeded in the summer twilight a half-century ago grows there, too. The deed says 99 acres “more or less,” but it felt even bigger when Hague was 14 and his Uncle George said they needed to walk it. They left the clapboard farmhouse at dusk, mostly silent aside from waking insects, and followed the boundary lines in the long shadows.

When George Hague died in , an attorney told his nephew the land was his. The largest forests are several hours’ drive from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in north-central Pennsylvania, in counties like Elk, Cameron and Clinton, but unbroken canopies roll across the horizon from all of the state’s big highways. It’s often assumed that most Pennsylvania forestland is owned and protected by the state, the federal government, or nonprofit conservancies.

But clues on country roads, the thousands of “No Hunting” signs tacked to trees and gated gravel roads, reveal what makes Penn’s Woods unique: Nearly three-quarters of it is privately owned.

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