Harlequin is not some new model of the Harley Davidson motorcycle range, it is a conventional clown dressed in a mask and party- coloured tights, as the one vividly illustrated here.

In the traditional Batman series, Harley Quinn is actually a character, who looks exactly like the meaning of her name. She was seen as The Joker’s accomplice, with baubles dangling from her head.

Harlequin carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. A conventional buffoon, traditionally presented in a mask and party-coloured tights.
2. A clown

Master tips for Harlequin:
If you didn’t catch the term on the batman series, hurry + queen : think how does a queen look when she is doing things in a hurry way : very funny and buffoon type right ? Visualize that, and you have a memory gimmick to remember the word by!

Usage of Harlequin:
1. His face was harlequin with patches.
2. The roof was harlequin in celebration for the kid’s birthday.

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