Abatement is the noun form for the verb ‘abate’. Abate simply means to make something less active or intense. For example, let’s read a quote by Samuel Johnson to get a better understanding of the word:

“Human happiness has always its abatements; the brightest sunshine of success is not without a cloud”.

Abatement carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. Diminution in amount, degree, or intensity; moderation.
2. The amount lowered; a reduction.
3. Law The act of eliminating or annulling.

Master tips for Abatement:
Abatement & Abetment
Do remember that these two words are distinct in nature. Abetment means ‘the verbal act of urging on’, that is something where you encourage others into action. For example: Soured relationships between couple can act as an abetment to suicide for one of the partners.

Usage examples of Abatement:
1. “Either way, the result — in theory — will be cost-effective pollution abatement, that is, overall abatement achieved at minimum aggregate cost.” –Grist – the Latest from Grist
2. The abatement of one’s rights in the face of challenges is nothing else but cowardice.

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