It’s very rude to call anyone a cur, but your cowardly or mean behaviour can give you this name.

Pronunciation: kur

The dictionary definitions of cur are as follows:
1) A mongrel dog, a worthless or unfriendly one.
2) A mean and cowardly person.
3) A surly person
4) A mixed breed dog, the one that is ill-natured and in poor condition.
5) A contemptible person
6) An offensive term used to describe someone mean and cowardly.

Master tip to learn cur:
Cur can be easily learnt with the help of the word curry, which is yummy and may be a cur can be made yummy too, if cooked.
Cur can also be learnt while remembering that Shylock in Merchant of Venice says that Atonio has called him a cur (dog) and also refuses to lend money to Antonio by saying that how can a dog have money to lend.

Cur can be used in following ways:
1) He was called a cur when he left his wife-to-be at altar. (Noun)
2) No one likes him for his ‘cur like’ behaviour. (Adjective)
3) He is a cur for fleeing his own house with all the money, leaving everyone begging for basic necessities of life.

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