Picture for FacetThe word Facet is a noun. It is used for a part or element of something, for example – we often talk about many facets of a person’s personality. Alternatively it is also used for the fla surfaces on a jewel that enhance its sparkle.
The word Facet was first used around 1615-1625 and was originally derived from the French word facette.

Pronunciation: fas-it

Meanings of Facet

1. A small plane surface.
2. Any aspect that makes up a subject.
3. A distinct feature or element in a problem.

Master’s Tip to Learn Facet

The word Facet can be related to the face and hence can be learnt very easily. It represent the faces of a jewel or the various faces of a person or anything else.

Sentence examples for Facet:

1. Each facet of the problem requires careful attention.
2. The Indian culture is a very vast topic with different facets to it.
3. The diamond had one large facet and many small ones.

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